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Staedtler Luna Colour Pencils 12's / 24's / 36's / 48's Long Coloured
Price RM2.88 - RM27.98 RM4.80 - RM29.90
Size (L x W x H) 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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For shipping convenience,
maximum order in one order
160unit for 12 Colours Long
80unit for 24 Colours Long

if you want order more than that, please place another oder again.

Staedtler Luna Permanent Colored Pencils
12's Short
12's Long free 1 Sharpener
24's Long free 1 Sharpener
36's Long free 1 Sharpener
48's Long free 1 Sharpener

- Fade resistant
- Excellent coverage
- Non Toxic
- Suitable for kids
- Break-resistant
- Coloured pencil in classic hexagonal shape
- Easy to sharpen with all sharpeners
- FREE 1 sharpener (only for long coloured pencils)
- Smooth & soft leads

Staedtler luna permanent colored pencils up to 48 brilliant colours and it is non-toxic.Suitable for kids due to its break-resistant smooth & soft leads coloured pencil in classic hexagonal shape. Easy to sharpen with all sharpeners