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Olfa AK-5 Designer's Art Knife Made in Japan Precision Knife Cutter (Blades KB-5/30B)
Price RM12.90 - RM28.00
Size (L x W x H) 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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Olfa AK-5 Model 1118073
Olfa designer Art Knife w/ 30 blades This specialized art knife/multi-use tool has a flattened handle end and an art needle. Blade case functions as storage case, disposal case, and knife stand. 30 replacement KB-5 blades & art needle included on pack. (AK-5, #1118073) Good For: arts, graphics, crafts and hobby use. For both personal use as well as industrial applications

General purpose blade for precision. Art knife blade ideal for use in a multitude of applications, made from high quality carbon tool steel. Blister-Packed. OLFA blades are designed for hand held cutting use mounted on OLFA cutters and knives.
Packing: KB-3/30B contains 30 blades for art/design knife and 1 useful needle, in a plastic case.