RM9.90 - RM21.50
Olfa PC-S Standard Plastic / Laminate / Acrylic Cutter Made in Japan Knife Pisau (Blades Olfa PB-450)
Price RM9.90 - RM21.50
Size (L x W x H) 1 cm x 1 cm x 1 cm
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Standard-duty plastic/laminate cutter
Standard-duty cutter, designed to produce a fine score line to precisely break plastics, acrylic and laminates. Features built-in room for spare blades and a ratchet-wheel for secure blade extension and retraction, and unlimited blade positioning. Includes 1 reversable tungsten steel PB-450 blade inserted PLUS 2 replacement blades in the handle. For right- and left- handed use. How to scratch & break ?

1/ Place a plastic board on a flat surface and take straight strokes to make a score, deep enough to break by hand. Approximately one-third depth of the plastic board will be the rough standard.
2/ Snap off downward by hand along the score.
3/ Clean cut surface with the unsharpened edge, if necessary.

Specialty blades
OLFA blades PB-450
Tungsten steel blade for the PC-S plastic/laminate cutter.
Packing: PB-450 contains 5 blades in a plastic case, packed in a plastic bag.